St. John School-Bartlesville

1943-1954 Alumni

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SJCS Class of 1943

Front Row (L to R): Carla Daniels,  Pat O'Donnell,  Jean Helen Gable,  John Fournier,

Back Row (L to R):  Frank Szalla,  Betty Jean O'Mears,  Leta Quintana,  Father Depreitere

SJCS Class of 1944

Front Row (L to R): Ethel Buckley,  Mary Christine Hagenhoff,  Patsy Butcher,  Rosamund Burns,  Koula Teahontis, 

Back Row (L to R): Carmen Cornejo,  Jim McNulty,  Father Depreitere,  Hough Brown,  Margaret Speaks,  Patricia Shelle

SJCS Class of 1945

Front Row (L to R): Betty Lorenz,  Alice Marie Speak,  Anna Marie Peters,  Mary Helen Latta,

Back Row (L to R): Howard Boggs,  Fred Webster,  Father Depreitere,  Fred Quintana,  Billy Turinetti,  Ken King

SJCS Class of 1946

Front Row (L to R): Mary Treloggen,  Rita Milligan,

Back Row (L to R): Jack Boxell,  Father Depreitere,  Joe Lannan,  Harry Ross

SJCS Class of 1947

Front Row (L to R): Berul Bragowich,  Nadine Jones.  Louis King,  Daisy Lee McIntyre,  Maureen Tanner,  Betty Rodriguez,

 Middle Row (L to R): May Ellen Daigle.  Eddie Smith,  Betty Jo Bowers,  Father Depreitere,  Pat Fournier,  Rosemary Mickels,  Jim Robbinson, 

Back Row (L to R):  Larry McNulty,  Billy Joe Shea,  Robert Brown,  Gene Kelley,  Mike Mnich,  Gerald  Glahn

SJCS Class of 1948

Front Row (L to R): Rosemary Gamino,  Margaret Ann Lauderdale,  Dora Cornejo,  Mary Alice Tate,

Back Row (L to R): Billy Quintana,  Father Lynch

SJCS Class of 1949 8th graders, skipped of ceremony:

Marcella Chapman, Alice Cornejo, Danny Gallery, Mary Lou Lannon, Billy Moss, Connie (whole last name I forget at the moment), and Bennie Pierce, and Freddie (Murray) Hill:

 '"There were a few more whom I don't recall, there were at least another three; I recall sitting third from the front in one of the two rows. I think that Elizabeth Ryan might have been there, but I'm not sure; she was in my high school class."

More about SJCS Class of 1949 

"This graduating Class of 1949 were 9th graders, whereupon 9th grade was discontinued. The graduating Class of 1950 were 7th graders in 1949. We 8th grade just vanished into the mist. There was not to be a ninth grade in 1950. We do not have any photos for this class and would love to receive some... And especially the names of any classmates not listed here." Thank you to Fred  (Murray) Hill for contacting Alumni at with this Class information for memorializing. 

SJCS Class of 1949 - 9 th Grade

Front Row (L to R): Shirley McGinnis,  Alice Minden,  Frances Hagenhoff,  Kathleen  O'Meara,  Dolores Cardenas,  Shirley Peters,

Back Row (L to R):  Jack McNulty,  David Norvel,  Father Lynch,  Lois Tanner,  Patricia Shea

SJCS 8th grade Class of 1950

Front Row (L to R): Jimmy Michaud,  Clara Hagenhoff,  Father Lynch,  Sandra Robb,  John Wehmeyer,

Back Row (L to R): Gabriel Cornejo,  Mary Lou Morris,  Raymond Lorenz,

SJCS Class of 1951

Front Row (L to R): Paula Lomusney,  Theresa Cornejo,  Barbara Axton,  Father Lynch,  LaDena O'Meara,  Carol Mead,  Alice Cardenas,

Middle Row (L to R): David Lannan,  Dan Linehan,  James Luckney,  Richard Tanner,  Larry Minden,  George Hankle,

 Back Row (L to R): Bobby Quintana,  Robert Tate,  Eugene Dough,  Francis Norvak,  John Juby

SJCS Class of 1952

Front Row (L to R): Earlene Mitchell, Anita Jay,  Father Lynch,  Adelaide Ustryzcki,  Nellie Synas, 

Middle Row (L to R): Mary Elizabeth Minden,  Elizabeth Young,  David Brown,  Tony Dillon,  Norma Whalling, Thomas Gabel,  Judy India,

Back Row (L to R):  Francis Smith,  Joe Michna,  David Marshall,  James Kelly,  Don Peyton,  John Gamino

SJCS Class of 1954

Front Row (L to R): Ester Stepp,  Barbara Wehmeyer,  Linda Minden,  Judy Beumeler,  Virginia Daigle, 

Back Row (L to R):  Father Lynch,  Mary Helen Marshall,  Theodore Synas,  John Brown,  George Michno,  Kenneth Turinetti,  Mary A. Marlow

SJCS Class of 1953

Front Row (L to R): Judith Line,  Lois Postrach,  Elizabeth Perez,  Mary Wojtuck,  Mildred Kane, 

Middle Row (L to R): Abie Holbert,   Larry Novak,  Elmer Martin,  Thomas Cubbage,  John Linehan,  Father Lynch,

Back Row (L to R): Eric Wurtz,  Carlos Perez,  Stanley Brady,  John Burns