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Matching Gifts

Many corporations and companies have a matching funds/gift programs that can double and sometimes triple your gift to St. John Catholic School, Bartlesville, OK. Our school uses these "general use" funds to fill gaps in funding for everything from buying students desks and technology to bridging the gap between scholarships and the actual cost of educating our students. 


The matching funds programs are often offered to employees and retirees of the company.


Please check with your corporation or company and consider giving to St John Catholic School through this generous program. Local Companies who have matching volunteer and funds to donations of time and money as a benefit to the community through their employed and retirees :


Employee giving  is a choice of Matching funds and Volunteer among several additional programs, explore each choice guidelines and information.

Phillips 66

How to Request an Individual Volunteer Grant

From Your Cause donors can log their Volunteer hours and/or a spouse’s hours on behalf of the spouse.  They will need to find ST JOHN CATHOLIC SCHOOL in the list of Charities and add it to their “favorites”.  There are more instructions on the site itself, however, here are some below regarding Phillps 66 Volunteer Hours.

Log your volunteer time to receive a grant for your charity.

1.    Click the Get Started button below to log your volunteer time.

2.    Fill out required fields, and click Done to complete your entry.

3.    Once you have logged a minimum of 20 hours toward your charity, you will be prompted for a volunteer grant.

4.     Follow the prompts to submit your grant request.

How to Request a Team Volunteer Grant

Log your team’s volunteer time to receive a grant for the charity.

1.    Click the Volunteer link at the top of the page to start your team grant request.

2.    Event organizer Creates Event.

3.    Team members sign up for event. Employee must sign up spouse if spouse is participating.

4.    Team member or event organizer logs volunteer hours. Event organizer is responsible for verifying team hours.

5.    Once the event has occurred and the team has logged a minimum of 40 hours toward the event, the event organizer will be prompted for a team grant.

6.    Fill out all required fields and Submit for approval.

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