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About us.

St. John Catholic School is fully accredited by the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association.



St. John Catholic School exists to educate young men and women in the Catholic Christian faith who will enrich the community through their actions to LOVE others, GROW in faith, LEARN about the world, and BELIEVE in God's plan for salvation.

La Escuela Católica de San Juan existe para educar a los jóvenes en la fe cristiana católica que enriquecerán a la comunidad a través de sus acciones. AMANDO al projimo, CRECIENDO en la fe, APRENDIENDO sobre su mundo y CREYENDO en el plan de Dios para la salvación.


St. John Catholic School will continue to have a strong focus on its Catholic identity. It will nurture students who will enrich the community through the school motto: Love, Grow, Learn, Believe. 

St. John Catholic School will actively work to build rapport with local parishes, other local churches, local charities, and the community to increase awareness of our school, enrollment at all levels, service opportunities for students and support for our future needs. 

St. John Catholic School will ensure the best use of all its facilities to offer the best educational experience for its students in the safest manner.

Who we are

St. John Catholic School is a private, Roman Catholic School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We offer a traditional academic curriculum designed to challenge each student. Our school consists of Elementary students (grades pre-K–5) and Middle School students (grades 6 – 8). The curriculum for all grades emphasizes literacy, critical thinking and problem solving. We endeavor to instill in our students a love of learning, to live Christian values, and to serve in their community. 


While we have separate academic programs for the Elementary and Middle Schools, we promote regular interaction between the two student bodies. The result is a family-like atmosphere and a positive environment in the school.


Academic excellence is a hallmark of St. John School. Class sizes are limited in order to provide each student with individual attention (average teacher-student ratio of 14:1).


Students of all faiths are welcome. ​

We offer scholarships to all our students.


St. John Catholic School is staffed by certified teachers and is fully accredited by the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCCSAA), a member of the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission. The Diocese of Tulsa evaluates the school annually. 

Tour the School

Parents and prospective students are welcome and encouraged to tour the school. Visits give families a chance to feel the spirit of the school, see academics in action, meet the faculty and staff, and ask questions.


Our School Creed

I am a St. John Eagle. I show love by treating others the way I want to be treated. I grow by taking responsibility for my own actions. I learn by striving for my personal best. I believe I can have a better today than yesterday with the help of Christ.

We are the St.John Eagles! WE SOAR TO SUCCESS TOGETHER!!

Credo escolar Soy un águila de San Juan Muestro amor tratando a los demás de la forma en que quiero que me traten. Crezco asumiendo la responsabilidad de mis propias acciones. Aprendo luchando por mi mejor esfuerzo personal. Creo que puedo tener un mejor hoy que ayer con la ayuda de Cristo. Somos los St. John Eagles! ¡NOSOTROS LEVANTAMOS AL ÉXITO JUNTOS!

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