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Giving Online

You may now give directly to St. John Catholic School in Bartlesville Oklahoma, the links below take you to the St. John Before the Latin Gate Parish Office Link.

We appreciate your gift and realize that the School is blessed and growing for our students because of your generous heart.If you prefer giving with a check by mail or by check or card in the School office at St. John Catholic School, 816 South Keeler Ave, Bartlesville, OK 74003, that is still wonderfully appreciated.

Online Giving Options:

Please choose one of these options to send your online gift to St. John Catholic School.

SJCS General School Fund (Yellow Envelopes)

Click here to donate to the SJCS General School Fund. The donations offset the School’s operating expenses.

SJCS Endowment


Click here to donate to the School Endowment Fund Contributions. The School Endowment not only helps to sustain the school to provide quality faith-based education, it helps the school to thrive. The families' contribution (tuition) to the education cost does not cover the school's operating cost. As the endowment grows, the interest income grows with the principle of the fund remaining invested. Annual earnings are used to meet various school needs & programs.



Click here to donate to the Adopt-A-Student Fund. The donations help assist in a student’s education costs.

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