Oklahoma Tax Scholarship Grants .... Dec 31 deadline

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Father John O'Neill explains GO 

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Veritas and Go for Catholic Schools are both scholarship granting organizations (SGO) that provide scholarships to K-12 students to attend accredited Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa. Gifts made through these programs provide scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to afford a quality Catholic education. St John Catholic School welcomes students of all Faiths or no declared Faith.

These programs are easy ways to, Personally or through your Business, support Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma AND you receive an Oklahoma state income tax credit.

If you currently pay Oklahoma state income taxes, you have the power to redirect a portion of your tax dollars to benefit ST. JOHN CATHOLIC SCHOOL by contributing through either VERITAS Tax School Scholarships, Inc. or GO for Catholic Schools. 


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This bill will allocate a certain amount of per-student funds from the state to be given directly to families via digital accounts called Oklahoma Empowerment Accounts. These funds can be used by families to enroll their child in any type of school — homeschool or private — or can be used on other qualified expenses such as education-related costs, special education or extracurricular activities...Click above to see the value of this bill.

It is being voted on Wednesday.. info did not mention a date it just says tomorrow Wednesday... and the link gives the names and contacts link to the senators.  We would like to see a positive YES vote