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Students of all faiths are welcome.


Christ is an integral part of school life. Every student from PreK3 years old to 8th grade is taught Catholic religious education. Benefits include: Learning to be reverent. Learning the value of symbolism, and recognizing its use. Learning to recognize kindness and love for others. Learning to represent their class by serving and speaking in front of a group. Spending a quiet hour in the chapel or celebrating the Student Mass on Fridays separates students from the excessive stimulation of our modern world, and teaches them how to indulge in the gift of quiet. These are tangible benefits from Catholic religious education. They are welcomed with the true message of Jesus’ teaching… Jesus sent His Apostles to share the Truth of His love with everyone.

  • Religion class is a core class for all grades PreK3 years old - 8th Grade. Middle School 6th, 7th, and 8th grades attend Religion class Monday - Thursday. 

  • The curriculum is “Spirit of Truth” by Sophia Press Institute.

  • Grades Kindergarten - 8th grade attend the weekly Mass every Friday the school is in session. The classes, also, attend Mass on Holy Days such as Ash Wednesday.

    • Students wear their Mass uniforms (see uniform policy).​

    • The classes walk with their teacher in a line across the street to St. John Before the Latin Gate Church. 

    • Mass begins at 8:15am - 9:15am. Parents are welcome to attend the Mass. 

    • A different class serves and does the readings at each Mass.

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