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Each time you shop online with Amazon, we get a percentage back! 

Amazon Gift List

St. John Catholic School has an Amazon Gift List of SJCS supplies needed for school operations.  


St John Catholic School benefits through the volunteer and financial support of parents, relatives, the parish, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. These gifts of time and funds are appreciated and vital to the maintenance and growth of our school. The gifts, no matter what size, enable St John Catholic School to offset the cost differences between scholarships and actual expenses.


We are grateful for this support and commitment that enriches our school and the future of our students.


Give instantly to St. John Catholic School through this page: Giving Online to St John Catholic School



The annual fund is an opportunity for a donor to give and to receive no goods or services in return, making this 501(c)(3)charity donation a tax benefit. The Annual Fund offers this benefit while scholarships do not.  Some companies may match Annual Fund Donations which may double your donation.



Many corporations and companies have a matching funds/ gift program that can double and sometimes triple your gift to St. John Catholic School. The program is often offered to employees and retirees of the company. Please check with your  corporation or Company and consider giving through this generous program. For ConocoPhillps and Phillips 66 direct links to donation page  These programs have undergone some changes  



Capital Funds support new construction and renovation projects for St John Catholic School's present Building project. The Endowment secures the ongoing needs and growth of the students, staff, and campus and looks to our future financial security. The school Endowment not only helps to sustain the school to provide quality faith-based education, it helps the school to thrive! A families' contribution to the education cost does not cover the school's operating cost. As the endowment grows, the interest income grows with the principle of the fund remaining invested. Annual earnings are used to meet various school needs and programs.



Scholarships are available for students through Memorial and Honor gifts donated by friends of St John School.  This is meaningful way to honor or memorialize those who value the excellent education available others. Those who wish to extend that education to others may give the principal a call to see how you may set up or contribute to a scholarship.  


Support our school with Memorial or Honor gifts, in the name of a loved one to celebrate them personally, their birthday, anniversary, or graduation with funds, a sign or plaque, room, playground - sport equipment, landscaping, or awards. This is most timely with our ongoing expansion. A notification of the gift is sent to the family members or the honoree including the donors name but with no mention of the amount.


Donors may create a trust, bequest, securities, insurance beneficiary, stocks or other planned gifts of cash or tangible property such as Real Estate or personal property.


CASH or CHECKS are accepted though the school office and giving online is available here. Your gift may be for general needs or for any named designation of your choice.

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