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Protecting God's Children® Tulsa Diocese Programs


Child sexual abuse is a worldwide public health issue. Child abuse, particularly child sexual abuse, is reprehensible—especially when the wrongdoer is affiliated with the Church. The VIRTUS® programs assist the Church in being a safe haven for children and a messenger for preventing child sexual abuse within the Church and society in general. We seek to achieve this lofty goal through our child sexual abuse prevention program:


Protecting God's Children®.

Most organizations that work with children have some sort of child safety program. Through the Protecting God’s Children program, we maximize those efforts by helping churches and religious organizations refine their roles as child-safe environments and empowering caring adults to protect children.


Parents must attend the VIRTUS program to volunteer to help with field trips, parties, and other activities where you will be interacting with the students. All school employees and volunteers must have a background check before working with the children.

The VIRTUS program is titled "Protecting God's Children" and is meant to help you identify the signs of child sexual abuse. Please contact the school office or the VIRTUS website for more information.

VIRTUS Online  


You can register for this course online at  or for a quick link use Register button at the top of this page.

Here is a Virtus PDF that navigates you through the web site in great detail.

Follow the site steps for getting registered below at

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