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The FIRST Lego Robotics League 2014


Introduces younger students to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. FLL teams, guided by their imaginations and adult coaches, discover exciting career possibilities and, through the process, learn to make positive contributions to society.


Elementary and middle-school students get to:

  • Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology

  • Apply real-world math and science concepts

  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists

  • Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills 

  • Participate in tournaments and celebrations


FIRST® LEGO®League introduces young people, ages 9 to 14* (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science and technology. Information below is from the Oklahoma Science and Engineering FoundationTeams composed of up to ten children with at least two (2) screened Lead Coaches, can also be associated with a pre-existing club or organization, homeschooled, or just be a group of friends who wish to do something awesome.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL®) coaches do not need any technical experience. In FLL, the children do the work; like program an autonomous robot (using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface, create innovative solutions to a problem, all while being guided by the FLL Core Values. These three elements – the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – make up what we call our yearly Challenge. Teams also fundraise, create a team identity, and talk to experts in the field.

First Lego League Challenge


What FLL teams accomplish is nothing short of amazing. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And the skills they learn will last a lifetime.


Applictions to join our team(s) are in the school Office and the Applications are due back NO LATER THAN AUG. 28 th if your student wishing to join after this date email Mrs Jones ...


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