SJCS Spelling Bee 2016

And the winners in the



2nd grade: Maddie Mellen


3rd grade: Max Landers


4th grade: Matthew Gogol and Isabella Pellegrino


5th grade: Simeon Zielenski and Rachel Landers


6th grade: Bekah Williams and Madison Terrell


7th  grade: Cole Spencer and Luis Ortiz


8th grade: Zek Maddock and Anna Terrell



The Bee was great!


In the end, it was Bekah Williams from 6th grade and Matthew Gogol from 4th grade.

Matthew Gogol won 2nd place and Bekah won 1st by spelling the word “Stadium.”


Bekah will be representing St John Catholic School at the Green Country Spelling Bee on March 5th.


By: Lia Ortiz and Alyson Cummins