SHOPAROO for St John Catholic School


St. John School Supporters,


SJCS is participating in a hassle-free fundraiser called Shoparoo. (Keep in mind if your purchase is in the Washington Mall, snap a picture of your receipt with your Shoparoo app and then deposit your paper receipt or gift certificate in the Mall A+ program lockers by JCPenney.)


How does Shoparoo work?

With the free Shoparoo app (available on ITunes or Google Play) all you have to do to raise money for our school is take pictures of your store receipts with your phone! Shoparoo does NOT require any buying, selling, collecting, or delivering. It works no matter where you shop or what you buy! Yes, it really is that easy. St. John School receives a donation for every grocery receipt picture taken through the free Shoparoo app. There is no limit to how much we can raise with Shoparoo, so please download the app and start taking pictures today. (Note: Receipts must be snapped within 14 days of purchase date)


1. Download the free Shoparoo app from or

Select the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

2. Once it's downloaded, select St. John Catholic School as your cause and take pictures of receipts!
3. Invite other parents, family, neighbors, and friends of St. John to participate in this simple fundraiser.


What types of receipts count?

Grocery retailers - Grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, drug stores, super centers, dollar stores, local mom & pops, and pet supply stores all earn Roo points which equate to cash donations to our school. (Submit up to 20 grocery receipts within a rolling 7 day period)

Other Retailers - restaurants, sports stores, office supply stores, arts & crafts stores, department stores, home improvement, cafes and book stores, and electronic store receipts earn entries into monthly $1,000 and annual $15,000 sweepstakes.


Why Shoparoo?

1. You don't have to sell anything. 
2. You can remain anonymous (name is optional in your profile setup)
3. You don't have to reveal any private banking information. Any personal information on your receipts such as name or last 4 digits of your debit/credit card can be marked out with a Sharpie. For a receipt to qualify, the picture(s) must include the store name, items purchased with prices, total dollar amount, and purchase date in clear and unaltered form.

For more information, visit the Shoparoo site.

Nationwide, 7,000+ schools are already fundraising through Shoparoo and we see it as a great opportunity for us to make a difference this year.


Thank you for your support!

St. John Catholic School

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Tel: 918-336-0603

816 South Keeler Ave.

Bartlesville, OK 74003

Mrs. Cristel Miller, Principal

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