Saint John Catholic School at District Science Fair 2016


February 26th and 27 several students from our school attended the competed in the District Science Fair. Emily Hopkins said that she thought the sci ence fair was a really nice experience because she had never done it before.


Emily also said that she was nervous until after she talked to a few judges. She decided to go to the District Science Fair because she did well at the school science fair.


Max Landers won a medal for outstanding project.

Colt Haywood said it was really fun and he enjoyed it. Colt also won a ribbon for district participant.

Anna Jones said it was really fun, she enjoyed meeting other students, and talking to other students.

Joseph Jones’s favorite part was having pizza.


Joseph also won two special awards, the first one was from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers who gave him a certificate and $50, and the second from Science Fair committee who gave him $20.


 by Matt Fries and Sebastian Eunice