Saint John Catholic School MathCounts 2016



On Saturday Feb. 20th, Cole, Lance, and Zek attended a mathematics competition at Dove Academy in Tulsa. The three got up early that morning to get to the competition at 8AM. The competition took 90 minutes, while the whole event was over 3 hours.


The test was forty-nine problems in all because one of them was unsolvable. Some of the problems were very funny such as the Michael Jackson commemora- tive alarm clock-radio-toaster. The test was taken in a classroom and we just walked back to the cafeteria when we were done.

Around 40 minutes after the end of the test the men who ran the competition presented the results.


Three students from our St John Catholic School won a spot in the top 5 kids.

Lance had won the competition, with Zek in second, and Cole in fourth. Each of the kids won medals.


Lance also won a Samsung tablet, and Zek won a graphing calculator.



Zek Maddock and Lance DePricso