SJCS Graduating Class 2020

2020 SJCS Graduating Class Group Yard si
Slide3 Matthew.PNG
Matthew Gogol-FB.jpg
Matthew Yard Sign Draft 2.jpg
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Maggie Hodgens-FB.jpg
Maggie 8th grade yard sign_1.jpg
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Cody Lay 2020 -FB.jpg
Cody Lay 8th grade yard sign_1.jpg
Slide1 Josie.PNG
Josie McIver-FB.jpg
Josie 8th grade yard sign_1.jpg

Our SJCS 8th Grade Graduation was live streamed on Facebook:

You can  now view the celebration on the school Facebook page, date: Friday, May 22, 2020. It includes Mass and graduation.

 See the grads slide show pics and testimonials page: