Annual Gala 2019 Title.jpg

Here are a few more of our donors in no particular order as we highlight items for our Gala Auction. This is a work in progress

a25-A taste of Italy-FB.jpg
a20-VIP Scott Family AMAZEUM.jpg
a19 The Merc Basket.jpg
a8. Post Oak.jpg
a14-Hands Love.jpg
a22-Fusion Basket.jpg
a12-One Night Stay-Free Rides.jpg
a17-New Horizons Basket.jpg
a27-Queso and Margaritas.jpg
a24-Parents night out session.jpg
a5-Urban Air.jpg
a3- Woolarock backet.jpg
a6- Naples Soap.jpg
a15-Heather Malcolm-FB.jpg
a14- Bruins Clothes.jpg
a23 Shore Acres in the Heart of the Ozar
a21-OKC Basket.jpg
a-27 Omega Chocolate.png