BOX TOPS For Education

This year, BOX TOP$ for Education is moving towards a purely digital system.

If the BOX TOPS,says Scan BOX TOPS you will use the free BOX TOPS app.

See how at

to scan your receipt (within 14 days of purchase) and instantly add BOX TOPS to our school’s earnings online.

You will find more information about this in the flyer that was sent home the last week of August.

Here is a “how to” video about this change: 

The video open and starts immediately.

There are still a lot of traditional BOX TOPS clips on many products, so continue to collect those as you have always done. However, if you come across the “Scan BOX TOPS,” please download the free app and scan your receipt. Regardless of clipping or scanning, each BOX TOPS is worth 10 cents for our school, and they add up fast!

Deadline is October 28th

Please turn in all BOX TOPS clips to your student's classroom or the front office by or before next Monday, October 28th. 

The family that collects the most BOX TOPS will win a Walmart gift card , so be sure to include your student's name(s) with the BOX TOPS clips!

Also, if you scanned any receipts on the BOX TOPS app for any digital BOX TOPS, please include a tally of those as well. Thanks for your support!

St. John Catholic School

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Mrs. Lexie Radebaugh, Principal

Tel: 918-336-0603

816 South Keeler Ave.

Bartlesville, OK 74003